Biker Fashion Tips

Biker Fashion Tips

Do your leathers look like they need an update? If so it's time to go shopping! There's nothing quite like the feel and look of new motorcycle leathers. This is the year to outfit yourself with Harley Davidson and other quality brands of leathers, including boots, pants and chaps and even hats. This luxurious material, with many different textures and finishes has a leading role setting the trend in apparel and accessories this season.

How about your pants, chaps and boots? What is better than a pair of faded blue jeans for the fall? Or even better, make those pants leather! Nice leather pants and chaps can be a fashion statement for the bike rider that cares about looking good. Find a pair of leathers in a different color. A good choice would be dark black or gray leather pants and vest worn with white biker t-shirts or a faded sleeveless denim shirt. You can wear the pants and shirt by themselves or with great leather accessories and a sturdy pair of Harley Davidson boots. Motorcycle leathers and boots offer a safety factor for the rider as well a cool look.

How are you fixed for motorcycle jackets? My favorite jacket for the season is a leather motorcycle jacket in black, dark gray or dark brown. This type jacket has the cool look of a bomber jacket and can have a dressy look at the same time. The main fashion advantage of a leather biker jacket is that it can be worn with any other style clothing and look good.

Ride in the shade with a good pair of biker sunglasses. This may not be what you think of as the starting point of the fashion trend, but it will surely be the first noticed! A good looking pair of motorcycle glasses with leather used in the frame is not only glamorous but a subtly way to wear leather. To really be noticed, make sure the lenses are brown or smoky gray. This is a great fashion starting point for both men and women.

Now for some cool biker accessories and bling. There is a ton of great motorcycle fashion accessories out there. For city folks, the daypack is nothing new. Try it in leather with a nice shade and plenty of pockets. The look of the bag is cool and serves a purpose, wherever you go. For jewelry lovers, a branded Titanium bracelet and watch gives a unique look and feel to any ensemble. For many riders ear piercing are in and there are a lot of cool accessories of this type in the marketplace too. And don’t forget that personalized biker doo-rag to go with your glad rags!

Now that you know what would look good on you, give it a try! You can explore with your styles and mix and match until you get the look you want. Be bold in trying new shades of leather. Don't be content with the limited selection of fashion motorcycle gear at the brick and mortar stores. Check out the variety and great prices on all of our stylish motorcycle gear and accessories at